• A+IZ-AdvPolo
  • A+IZPerfPant B
  • A+VHFlexCollar
  • A+VH-Flexpant
  • A+VH-FlexShirt
  • A+VH-FlexTie
  • A+VH-FlexChino
  • A+VH-Flex3-Pant

A+ pages appear on Amazon.com product pages. They allow a manufacturer to provide information directly to Amazon shoppers. Working within Amazon’s templates, I have designed A+ pages for many IZOD and Van Heusen products. I have also created Photoshop templates to streamline the A+ page design process.

The Van Heusen Flex Collection contains a range of dress and sportswear garments. I created a design system that showcased all the products in the Flex Collection. I continued using this template for new products in following seasons, as well as the Flex3 line extension. The system makes design quicker, and provides brand recognition and collection coherence on the Amazon product pages.